Shopper Army June P&G Hauls + Money Makers

I recently joined Shopper Army to review brand name products for free or at a highly discounted rebate.

Depending how and where you shop, you can shop for sale prices, plus use coupons and/or rebate apps to get the best price for the product you’ve chosen to purchase and review, AND get the Shopper Army rebate as well. This means you could even earn an overage on the product.

My first “Mission” was for Colgate, where we were allowed to select three products in total. I chose Colgate Optic White High Impact White, Optic White Stain-Less White, and Colgate Enamel Health toothpastes. By shopping for sales, I ended up earning $2 on top of getting the products for free with the Shopper Army rebate. I had to submit a review for each item.

Next up, I was selected through a Shopper Army survey to review Pantene Pro V Blends Micellar shampoo & conditioner. They sent me a package in the mail with the product, and a little blue army dude. No purchase/rebate required, just free product sent to me to review.

Finally, there was a P&G fabric care mission, which we were allowed to select up to five products. I chose Bounce Fresh Linen dryer sheets, Gain Fireworks laundry scent boosters in Original, Tide Coldwater Clean liquid detergent, Tide Pods 4-in-1 plus Downy, and Tide Plus Febreze Botanical Rain liquid detergent.

I had to purchase the laundry products up front. I used coupons and the Checkout 51 rebate app, and also get to claim the Shopper Army rebate for each item. There was no size restriction per item, so the way I chose to redeem this offer ended up in a $16 overage (money maker!) on top of getting all the products for free. I could have chosen to buy larger sizes of each item, but the Shopper Army rebate was still for the same set amount regardless of size. I had to submit a review for each item.

If you haven’t joined Shopper Army yet – what’s holding you back? If you’d like to join, it’s free! Here is the link:

Happy reviewing!


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